Nail art isn’t just a form of self-expression for the wearers, it’s also for the people who create it. And they deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their art just like any other artist is.

Tag: It’s not just color, it’s art

Modern (Nail) Art (Experiential)

  1. Set up a gallery-style auction with acrylic/stick-on nails of real people being auctioned off.
  2. In lieu of a label would be a little blurb about the person who wore them and the artist’s name.
  3. These nails would be encased in a frame and displayed at an art gallery where attendees can bid on them.
  4. The artists of these nails will walk around and interact with the attendees as an artist hosting at a gallery does.
  5. The artists will also host a talk about their inspiration of creating nail designs after.


The Manicure Manifesto (a coffee table book)

Print Ads

I took the Manicure Manifesto to high fashion magazines, like Artforum, Apollo, and Juxtapoz, that were founded on the principles of connecting modern art to unconventional art styles, and features the latest styles in the art realm.

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